I am Aniruddha Mandke. Up until recently, I was managing Fortune clientele for Birlasoft Inc on the US east coast. I have relocated to London and I am working with Sparrho. I lead global customer success and alliances efforts.

I relish solving business problems and cherish wearing multiple hats as demanded by the situation. In most other cases, a bunch of other tags are attached with my name: economist, engagement manager, consultant, teacher, strategy analyst, husband, photographer and now a father as well. 

Hint of background

Before moving to London, I was part of Birlasoft’s growth team where I managed a Fortune clientele portfolio on the US East Coast.

Prior to Birlasoft, I was associated with a number of startups. I enjoyed spearheading Curologic Systems' US region expansion, launching products-platforms for Maxsimos, Hopsys and DETS. There have been a few times when I saw myself being part of exceptional prototyping projects as well. During the past 12 years or so, I found myself engaging with problems pertaining to people management, operations, GTM strategy, customer acquisitions and customer retention. And as I look back there wasn't a dull moment at any of those steps. 

Although my background would tell you that I am a hardcore economics person; a mixture of social surroundings and training in economics has aligned my focus with the process of problem-solving. Suffice to say that I embrace opportunities which demand crisis management.

Moving beyond the blur

Moving beyond the blur

Other Than Work

I find photography as the gateway for my unending curiosity. Over the years, it has given me immense pleasure, friends, mentors and has been instrumental when it came to channelising my creativity.

I have been associated with Jnana Prabodhini ever since I completed my schooling at its school in Pune. As a part of voluntary services, I am part of their youth wing and when I can, I teach economics at the school.


Do drop me an email if you wish to discuss a project, an idea or simply share an obscure joke.