The Counterstrike

Yesterday as I returned home and watched the news roll out details of the serial blasts in Mumbai, I thought of Bernoulli's trial...

Last night, I spent most of the time feeling speechless and part helpless reading news on web & twitter. I tweeted & retweeted some information, pondering into nothingness. I wasn't certain whether my actions were logical or valid. I slept over it. Woke up this morning with a buzz in the head, thoughts popping up....


Terrorism is an idea. Force cannot extinguish it. We need another powerful idea to counter it effectively. Come to think of it, terrorism is as powerful as the thought of a Republic. The idea is to kill the leadership (the leading thought) before it matures. If it has already matured then killing the leader may give us the successors [Osama Bin Laden's death].

We know for a fact that along with various republics, terrorism has matured. Thus any ancient method will be obsolete.

What we need is ideas. Ideas that are truly bulletproof. Minds that are made of steel. Wrists that are compassionate.

Last night I saw a glimpse of those qualities on twitter. People helping unknown people. People conveying messages for everyone. People keeping it cool. | Whenever I say people, they are just like you & me - Unknown. On the contrary, those who are known - celebrities, journalists managed split fire on twitter.... latter made no sense to me. How could it?


Earlier today, while I was watching P. Chidambaram's press conference, certain thoughts made their way through -

1. Journalists do not ask smart questions

2. Journalists seem to target government

3. Journalists do not know where to go from here, even though they have substantial experience of facing such mishaps


At the same time I read some reactions on twitter and facebook, some more thoughts rose -

1. Government is to be blamed for

2. Politicians are bastards

3. System is useless

4. Pakistan should be nuked

5. Police cannot do their job properly

6. Mumbai spirit is strong - this is such bullshit

7. You don't know how bad it is here (we already know everything about you. you are a pathetic excuse for human life)

8. Reactions with a lot of swear words


These 10 are representatives of many other reactions and were repeated most of the times. Here's my take on them:

1. I believe in the government. I believe in it because I have voted for it. I trust the ministers to do their job. I am aware of the fact that they are soaking wet in corruption but in a tricky situation like this, I will keep it away and support them. And I know for a fact that they need it, because it is My Government.

2. I do not trust opposition parties. They are worse than the government. They cannot pressurise government on right points and get the work done. I am certain that they will quickly engage in a 'political battle' with the government. This is one of the weakest links of Indian Republic.

3. Over and over again media shows its incapability. I am aware that media should let us know about the damage caused by such blasts. But I see two choices: 1. Go to the blast site & cause havoc to capture story OR  2. Go to the blast site with your camera & help people organise and gather together. You need not speak in front of camera for continuous 8 Hrs. Your small excerpts are more than enough.

Media's desperation to capture news looks like 'we are more important than the event, cause we provide you news. Without us you are nothing'. The last part is absolutely true. If media can treat terrorism with more sanity & maturity, terrorism can lose 50% of its strength.

4. I do not support any ideas of violence, especially nuking Pakistan and Afghanistan. I agree that these two countries are called as epicentre of terrorism. But nuking, instigating wars are not the options. Just like India, Pakistan has people (human beings) living in. So how to destroy 50,000 sick minds dwelling in that land without killing millions of other innocent people? Tricky, ain't it! So the next time you ask vehemently, 'why isn't our government attacking that land?', think well & deeper. Also, ask yourself whether you are ready to see your fellow citizens die on account of "war against terror!"...

5. As far as the anger management goes, I am no expert. But I know for a fact that MK Gandhi said "Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong, not weak". [ If you are tempted to argue with me on this point, I suggest you go beyond 1947, and read about the man ]


Imagine a scene wherein a hot-headed 25 year old guy stands up - shouts slogans, swears, makes a claim to complete his vengeance against the system (rather violently) Vs a calm-headed 25 year old guy stands up - shouts slogans, asks you to think, gives you facts about reality, claims to restore stability in the system with his ideas.... who will garner support? I think we all know the answer to it.

The moment I tell you that we need to have a more powerful idea than terrorism, you will impart your knowledge of corruption & the bastard attributes of politicians. In fact some of you will explain the vicious circle of our system & claim that an utter destruction of world is needed or so on & so forth.

In Political Science, I learnt something interesting: Why does government/system exist? Ans: Because we believe that it exists. And that's the bottom line. Even after so many obstacles, problems, attacks more of us think that the government exists then there is hope. There is hope for a better and stronger idea than terrorism... And I am starting with me. Like Michael Jackson rightly talked of the 'man in the mirror', I believe in our system.

Come to think of it, you love your nation like your better-half. You accept better-half with her/his loopholes. So why not accept your countrymen with their loopholes. Why not make peace with it and move on?


I want us to move on. I want us to think hard. And I want us to build an idea far stronger than terrorism.....