Friendship Day

Meet Sameer - Second year commerce student in Pune. | Meet Rohan - A 5th grade student, living in one of the slums in Pune.


Sameer meets Rohan once a week, when he visits his gulli/lane in that huge slum. The group gathers. They play cricket, football for a while. After that Sameer & his friends conduct a small class for Rohan & his friends - these kids sit down & study for a while. This has been going on for past 6-8 weeks. They don't know eachother more than that.

On the Friendship Day, Rohan and his friends want to meet Sameer & his friends. Sameer is not around. Rohan vehemently asks for Sameer, infact he demands that Sameer should come there at once. Sameer manages to reach there in haste. He is utterly surprised to see Rohan over there. He rushes ahead like a five year old grinning & running towards the elder brother.

The affection & bonds are evident. Their expressions couldn't be matched by anything on this planet.

Rohan takes it to another level. He pulls out a friendship band out of his pocket. Indeed, it is for him - the Sameer dada. Nonplussed Sameer gives him a hug......