These days I am conducting a lot of interviews. Usually 60% of the candidates are not able to get through my round. This round looks for character, aptitude and attitude.

On one such day, I encountered a guy from Amarawati (Maharashtra). Amidst tricky questions I asked him "could you tell me one single event/moment, which you would recall as the happiest one ever?".

Without wasting any time he replied "Yes. the day, when I graduated."

The way he responded tickled my curiosity. I asked him to explain his reasons. 

He reasoned - I was studying at Nashik. Every month I had to travel back home to Amarawati for various tasks. My father was not keeping well. During my second year of studying, he had to be hospitalised. Studies became my second priority. As a result of which the backlog of examinations started swelling. At the end of third year I had amassed a volume of 12 backlogs. After hearing all of this, my father's condition deteriorated and he passed away. I went back to college and I studied. I completed my graduation in the same year after clearing all the remaining examinations in one go. It was the happiest moment ever....


So what's your happiest moment ever?