Are you a Brahmin?

Another day of interacting with kids & one of them asked me a question -"are you a brahmin?". I thought I didn't hear it properly so I asked him again. Question was repeated & I could see most of our history with a flash. I wondered if such a question could be obliterated by our generation. It was not the time & place to think about what ifs. I smiled & answered him "yes. I am."

At that point of time, I thought I could take a chance and dig deeper. I asked him "why you ask? do I look like one?". He laughed with conviction and replied "Of course dada, you look like a certain one, by any angle".

The other kid who was listening to this conversation felt a bit embarassed & laughed sheepishly with a hint in his eye 'he stole my question'.

I paused, patted the little kid for asking me the question & told him "you are a smart one!"



My heart & head were filled with silence. It was not speechlessness but utter silence. As a reflex I pondered over the definition of the same. I asked myself - are you a Brahmin? I wondered if I can be a Brahmin. I wondered if I can be ruled out as a Brahmin. I wondered... I remembered various books. I remembered my hatred towards caste system. I pondered, if I could define the meaning of being a Brahmin --


He, who loves to read, write.

He, who loves to think.

He, who has unending curiosity.

He, who wishes to gain knowledge, to understand the meaning of gaining knowledge.

He, who can teach.

He, who never stops distributing the knowledge gained.

He, who doesn't like to wear contraceptives of patents over the knowledge attained.

He, who can understand the clues to become better human beings.

He, who knows thus aids others without any hesitation.

He, who knows thus hints at possible path towards moksha.

He, who himself is on a quest to find The Omega.

He, who believes in equality of life.

He, who loves life.

He, who wishes to be free.


Being a brahmin is a way of life. It is not a tagline and it isn't a label. Are you a Brahmin?