About career and paths

I have a habit of digging out my old facebook status messages and then I review the comments, interactions. This one caught my eye today.


Status message - Become engineer, then complete MBA course and then work in a financial institution! Heavy percentage of youth seems to be following this path for past 4-5 years.... So what exactly are you doing? Are you fixing problems or are you creating more? Think... think for a bit more you guys...

Comments (Everyone else is 1,2,3,..) -

1. you've you just seen 3 idiots scene ... :P

2. God knows who many of them do even know what they are actually doing in there life and with there life

Me - @ 1.. no not really :)

@ 2.. I always wonder if they are living life :)

3. think its a topic for a long big debate... till now wat i ve seen... students going fr different courses, degrees, diplomas altogether just coz some bubble is created... rememember Medical Transcription then followed by Animation industry and now MBA.. wat the hell? 

the above is of our generation :P Now, students of 10th std exactly knows wat she / he wants to do and i dont see fear (confusion) in their eyes wen they talk bout future... Damn talented !!! :D

4. thoroughly liked!!!.. i think people who do this are so unsure what they want to do, except that they want to be successful (read: have loads of money) that they just want to cover all bases. which is why people do not even want to venture into something new or off the (very very beaten) track.

5. Just surviving, mate. Not everyone's smart enough to pursue a BA in Eco. No underhand compliments here, just being sincere :)

Me - @ 3.. yea I remember that phase. well they know what they want to do, but my question is - is it the same thing as liking it & wanting to do it? :) I think there's a difference.

@ 4 - it was just an example. there are many such examples :) but i really doubt if they want to be successful -- being successful is everyone's wish (without an exception). And you should look at obvious choices, why not! But I am stressing the fact that it should coincide with their liking :) that's my simple expection.

@ 5 - :) well, studying a subject you like is fun & degree is piece of cake. If you do things you like & stay honest with yourself; you'll find yourself at peace & drowned in happiness most of the times :) its not profound.. its utterly simple :)

6. my experience is a bit different. I work in a mgf industry where apart from design dept, engg are thr. Their engg helps them to solve logical problem solving and think of problem that may arise during working and prepared for that. whereas major of their working lacks in managing the thing. I dont want to say that MBA is ans to that, but certainly management skills are required for smooth flow of the working process.

7. You are right, Ani. I am not saying being successful is wrong. It IS a basic human motive. And well ok, it is not wrong to look ast obvious choices either. However, obvious choices being available right in front of them, how many people look within themselves to examine what it is that really excites them or where their passion lies?

And let me tell you this, I believe if you are passionate about what you do, and put in the necessary effort, you will be successful, no matter what field you take. It might be a little while if that field is a bit off-track but you do. Problem is people want to take others word for it and go for the tried and tested without testing if that is what suits them.. :)

Shucks, this has become a lecture... :P

8. I encourage that career path. Wonderful how society automatically rids itself of sheeple.

9. Very rarely do people know what they *want* to do. Quite a few just end up doing stuff they don't *don't* want to do. Others are just busy enabling themselves to be able to do what they want to do, or at least to figure out what they want to do

@ 7 - success is in the eye of the beholder

10. We did that for the same reasons everybody does...Chicks,money,power and chicks!

11. @ 9 - right.. only if they look at their success without holding it in comparison with others' trajectories. :)

12. v do it nt acc to our passions but what our parents n society at large wanna us do.It's sad

13. society more than parents



well, your turn....