a walk to remember

Post dinner walks are something I cherish. Ironically I don't opt for them very often. Usually when a tricky or valuable question crops up, I prefer to use them. 

On one such occasion I walked along with her. She, who understands the velocity & force of an art. She wondered about pages & ink. She posed questions to self without being pulverised by the social emotions. I listened for long. We walked for long. 

I asked her, so did you make a choice? She was puzzled as she struggled to find her page. I asked whether she would like to create her own page & write it with the ink of art she cherishes so dearly. She mentioned about contradicting forces and paused at the mention of pillars. She felt the uncertainty of taking a few more steps. 

We walked a bit more along with silence. Perhaps she captured the motivation & exercised her imagination. She turned out looking for the starting point. Paused in the middle, she asked if it was worth it. She could not turn over the time & recommence the hypnotic ride. 

She smiled. Alas. Choice was made. She glanced through her purse and saw the page she was looking for. She waited even more. The page was kept inside. Looking at me she said, may be I will construct a new page.

Moments later, 'Adios' she called out. With a smile relishing over her heart, she parted.

And I... I was...there, witnessing plausibility.