About a Boy

At Maxsimos & Curologic we are constructing a CSR policy. At this moment we are considering various avenues. During one of the weekly meetings, a colleague suggested that we help the tea delivery guy learn English as a second language. 

Everyday, a 21 year old Viru (Biru) from a nearby tea-stall delivers tea at our office. He is polite and mostly shy and he is our favourite 'chaiwala' (one who sells tea with warmth).

Our CSR team proposed him the idea. His response was "Let's start tomorrow." 

Biru is anyone you know and anyone you don't know.

Biru is anyone you know and anyone you don't know.

Yesterday was his first session. To break the ice, I started talking to him about some of the mundane things. For the next five minutes all I could hear from him were some half baked answers, ending with a smile. After that his answers started becoming more n more cohesive. He started explaining his thoughts. It was pleasing. 

When I asked him how he spends his Sundays, his reply was "I work. I always try to find some work. I don't enjoy watching TV. Five years in this city and I have seen only two movies ( a great smile appeared ). " I asked him "Just two? Wow. Which ones?" Biru says "I saw Talaash and I don't remember the name of other one. But even before that I realised that I am doing alright without these movies."  

I enquired "What makes you say that?" 

Biru "When our father left us with nothing, mother took care of us. The rent was Rs 300 per month and we had a hard time making ends meet. So all of us worked hard. After that I have never said no to any work."  

Me "I can't imagine how hard that must have been. Did you ever want to give up?" 

Biru: "I don't know. I always wanted to work hard. So I always worked hard."  

Me: "So is there a happiest moment that you treasure?"  

Biru: "Sunday is nice. I am happy on Sundays." 

Both of us laughed. 

I was really curious at this point. So I decided to dig a little deeper. "But Sundays are Sundays. Any special moment that made you extra happy?" 

Biru paused for a bit and without changing his expressions stated "Today! It's as if I am restarting my life. When I will go to bank I will be able to write down the details on the deposit slip without anyone's help. I know that from here on I can only be better."