Product Incubation Centre

Product Incubation Centres are a commonplace sight in startup world of Silicon Valley. They are the need of the hour and some of them have an interesting future ahead. 

In India, the scenario is rather different. If I have an idea I would go through the following generalised process:

  1. Speak to a couple of trustworthy friends and bounce the idea off them
  2. Think the idea through for next 3-4 months
  3. Once I am sure of the idea and its prospects I gather a few people
  4. I form a company and employ a bunch of people
  5. I start developing with an excellent intent and a sufficiently long term view
  6. As time goes by I realise that the long term view is like a dream. So I focus on present with much energy
  7. In this process I forget that my development process (need not be IT solution) is becoming a heavy cost centre instead of a profit centre.
  8. And then...

Well, you get the picture. For help, I tend to reach out people I know as I am afraid of the IP theft. 

Now, various startup experts will tell you about 10 escape routes or 121 ways to sell as a startup and some more. Also, about a bunch of success stories of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Charlie Chaplin will be told and you'll be given some motivational quotes. 

I am not undermining the importance of the above. But many a times, what one really needs is a pool of experts who will be kind and honest with you. And will keep your IPs safe. That's where Incubation Centres help you out. They offer you honest advice and a strong validation process. And of course, a strong product development support. 

So if you have a startup or know of a startup or if you are an established entrepreneur looking to establish a vertical, get in touch with me. At Curologic and Maxsimos, we now are accepting new proposals for Product Incubation Centre.

You can get in touch with me using social links on this website.